Second Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor Evans

I am humbled that God has anointed and appointed me to Pastor the Second Bethel Missionary Baptist Church Family.

My God-given vision for the Second Bethel Missionary Baptist Church is to:

To preach and teach the bible in such a manner as to reach the youngest child, to attract sinners, and to challenge the most saints to trust and obey Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

To lead God's people, by example, in righteous living, tithe giving, and holy worshipping.

To implement ministries that will train and restore the people to their God given position in life, emphasize Christian family values, and to train our young men to eventually become Christian men, husbands, and fathers.

For this cause, God has called me to rise up a holy standard for the entire world to see. For this cause, God will continue to call upon the Second Bethel Family to an ever-increasing work, the harvest is truly plenteous but the laborers are still few.

Therefore, I am leaning on Jesus Christ. My face is set towards Glory, my goal is heaven and the vision is clear! I will not flinch in the face of hardships nor hesitate in the presence of the Adversary. I won't give up or let up until my God-given vision becomes a reality by God. I will endure until Jesus returns and preach until God says, "well done." Second Bethel Church Family theme shall read, "We are better together"

Pastor Evans is blessed to share life with a wonderful, supportive wife and best friend, Inshallah and is the father of three beautiful children, Davonte, Daila and Daryus.

Pastor Evans

Ways to Love your Pastor

* Write him an encouraging note.

* Drop him a funny card to brighten his day.

* Attend Bible Study and Sunday School.

* Find your area of service within the church.

* Remember the Pastor’s birthday.

* Be real and honest around the Pastor.

* Support him financially.

* Talk to him directly about your concerns. 

Recent Prayer Requests

  • Special Prayer

    Sister Thomas Brother-in-Law passed away
  • Increase

    Lets pray and keep Pastor and 1st Lady in our prayers and baby DJ and the whole 2nd bethel church family